Welcome to the Minecraft Fortress Challenge!
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The Challenge

During this challenge you will work as part of a team in Minecraft, to plan and build a fortress or castle. You will use creative mode for the construction, so plenty of materials will be available. We will build for a total of 5 lessons and you may choose to build here at school, outside of lessons. We will be using the school Minecraft Accounts and Server for this activity.


During this Challenge you will be placed in 4-5 groups. Each group will have a designated leader who has a lot of experience working in Minecraft.

  • Your group will choose or create a floor plan for the fortress.
  • Your group leader will be in charge of organinsing the build jobs, supporting members of the group and working on the more advanced aspects of the project.
  • All Members of your group will have special tasks to perform, based on their level of experience.

Task 1:

You studied about fortresses and castles in 6th grade History. Now it is time to put your knowledge into practice. Your groups will spend some time this lesson looking through some resources on fortress and castle construction. Next you will need to choose a design and a floor plan or create your own.
There are some examples in the custom search. You can also design your own, easily using the Google Chrome Floor Planner App or Google Docs Drawing.
Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.14.09 AM.png or Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.21.54 AM.png> Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.22.09 AM.png

You can download the app at the Google Chrome Web Store.

Please use the following Google Custom Search bar to discover more about how fortresses and castles are built.
Here is a direct link if you have problems viewing it.

You will need to share your plan with Mrs. Garcia, before the end of the lesson.

Task 2:

Your final task during this lesson is to assign the different roles to people in your group. The role a person performs will very much depend on their experience with MineCraft. You will all be learning on the job, but in order to get started we have prepared an introductory lesson on basic MineCraft to help you out. Please use it as needed.

Please create a Google Doc, give it the titel Minecraft Challenge, Share it with your group and Mrs. Garcia.
Add your floor plan to the document by inserting it as an image or drawing it in Google Draw in the Document.
Record your names in a table with the leader's name at the top. Finally begin adding jobs for each person to perform.
These can be added to later on as well as building progresses and jobs change or new ones come up.


Construction Days 1-5

During these lessons we will be going in-world and building the fortresses using the designs.
Team leaders are responsible for helping their team members with performing their tasks, teaching them different ways of doing things as needed and basically sharing their expertise with their team. They will also work on the more complex parts of the build. Your structure must be done by the end of the 6th lesson.

Testing Day

We will switch to survival Mode for the entire lesson and possibly enable pvp as well. This is the lesson where your fortress or castle is going to be tested.
TNT may be allowed during the testing for use with canons and possibly for other uses determined by team leaders. Players from other teams will test you, be assured. The team leaders will set the rules for the game prior to this lesson and include them here.

Good Luck!