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Maker Spaces

Introduction to Tools
Creating Pinwheels (SP)
Magic Pendulum
CD Lamps
Introduction to Circuits
3D Printing Pens

Lessons to Start off With

Preparing for School Year
Google Apps Screencast
New! GSuite-Break Into the Box
Meet Mac
7th Grade Google Apps Task Menus
Annotating with Preview
Google Calendar
Google Calender: El Salvador Month
Google Chrome (Full Lesson)
Google Chrome and GMail Extension Lesson

Collaborative Work with Other Schools

A Day in Our Lives
A Better World
If You Learned HereIf You Learned Here

Business Project (NEW)



Google Drive Presentations

Mixbook Digital Scrapbooks (This is now a paid service.)
The Dragons Den Coffee Pitch

E-BooksiBooks Author
7th Grade Poetry Project
Book Creator
Creating Business Brochures (iBooks Author)

Google Maps and EarthGoogle Maps and Earth-Geography

Google Maps and Earth-French

Google Maps and Earth-French: Embedding Code

Copyright Friendly Sound and Images

Image Collections
Sound Effect and Music Sites for Video Work

Jing Screencasts
Screencast-o-matic and Quicktime Recorder
Screencast Short Reference Page
New! Our favourite Screen Casting Applications

New! Google Apps Screencast

Google Drive

Google Drive Presentations
Google Drive Text Docs
Using Spreadsheets
Coffee Project Spreadsheets
Creating Google Forms
Planning a Trip Spreadsheets

Editing Videos

Movie Scores with GarageBand
Converting Video Footage
iMovie on iPads and DoInk Review

Digital Citizenship Lessons

6th 7th 8th 9th/10th
New! Internet Safety Podcast Project
Think You Know Internet Safety Site
New! Netiquette
New!Internet Safety and Digital Footprints
New! Media Literacy and Website Evaluation

Planning Videos

Analysing Video
Planning and Creating Digital Videos
Example of a storyboard

Types of Videos
Dub and Splice Rap Videos
Planning the rap song
Creating the rap score
Using Blabbarize
Working with iMovie
Using Morfo
Crazy Talk 7 - Getting Started

In Plain English Style
Pompeii-Joya de Ceren"In Plain English Style"
New 8th Grade Commercial Parodies 2018
8th Grade CC Commercial Parodies
8th Grade Star Wars Parodies
8th Grade Book Trailers

News Casts
Talking Newspapers


A Google A Day Search Starters
Smart Searching Tools
Basic Boolean Searching
Intermediate Searching
Research with Diigo
Research with Pinterest
Introduction to Website Evaluation
Website Evaluation
Filter Bubbles
Filter Bubble Revision
Researching with Twitter
6th Grade Mars One Project
6th Grade Global Warming Project
6th Grade Music of the World Project
Current Events Empathy Project-Egypt
Current Events Empathy Project-9/11
Current Events Project using News on Atlas
7th Grade Empathy Project-The Conquistadores
8th Grade Research Project-WW2
8th Grade Diary and Letters Project-WW2
8th Grade Family History Project
8th Grade Coffee Project
New Sustainable Farming PBL Unit
New 6th Grade Planning a Trip
New 7th Grade Brazil Project



Animations as Storytelling Devices
Stop Motion Animation with Claymation
Stop Motion Animation with Claymation-Shots
French Stop Motion Project
Puppet Pals-5th Grade Induction Day Activity


Basic Podcasting Visual Tutorial
Podcasting Lesson 2
Garageband on the iPads

Podcasting Using Audacity
Design and Control
SketchUp 2
SketchUp Go-Kart Design


App Inventor BasicsApp Inventor Ball Games
(With Extension)
App Inventor Magic Trick

ScratchScratch Storybook Project
Scratch Millennium Goal Project
Scratch Learning Games
Scratch Water Sustainability Project

Older Lessons

Android App Inventor

Digital Portfolios

New: Google Sites as Digital Portfolios
Older Lesson: Google Sites as Digital Portfolios


Wikis and Digital Portfolios 1-Wikispaces
Wikis and Digital Portfolios 2-Vokis
Wikis and Digital Portfolios 3-Creating Pages
Wikis and Digital Portfolios 4 -Adding Content

Setting up a Portfolio from a Template


Setting up a blog
Blog Reflections

Google Sites
Creating a Google Site
Adding a Voki to a Google Site
Coffee Websites

End of Year Activities

5th grade Puppet Pals
Survival Island
6th Grade Book Creator

Older Lessons
WhyVille Reefs, Healthy Eating and Fitness
Scrapbooks with ScrapPad
Blog Reflections

Virtual Worlds

Newest Lessons
Jokaydia Grid Basic Set up and Building
Jokaydia Grid Creating a Simple Billboard

Creating and Environmentally Themed Park

MinecraftMinecraft Basics
Fortress Challenge
Mission to Mars
Survival Island

Sustainable Farming PBL Unit

===Older Lessons===

6th Grade Internet Safety and Virtual Worlds

Reaction Grid
(These can easily be adapted for Jokaydia Grid.)
Reaction Grid 1-Getting Around

Reaction Grid 2- Basic Building

Reaction Grid 3-Adding Scripts

Reaction Grid 4 Sustainable Homestead

Reaction Grid 5-Creating the Art Gallery

Much Older Lessons
Text Documents

JoliCloud Meet Jolicloud

PhotosPicasa Photo Editing