Pompeii Project

You may remember the video we watched about Wikis-Wikis in Plain English.

This is a special type of video making that allows you to create, quick, to the point, informative videos using narration and paper cut outs.
This year you will be creating your own Plain English style videos, about Pompeii.

To get an idea of the type of project you are working towards, you should watch some of the video projects from last year's Pompeii project.

You can view more of these videos here.

You have two jobs for this week.
The first job is to plan your In Plain English Video about Pompeii.
You should have already put into groups for the project by your Humanities teachers.

In those groups, you must create a Google document and collaborate on a script. This script must be finished for your next ICT lesson.

Your second job is to create the paper objects/props that you will use for the video. This job should be split up amongst all members of the group. You should create a list of props for each member of your group to make, in your Google Document. Again, this needs to be complete before your next ICT lesson.