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Working With Prezi

VoiceThread-Crisis in Egypt

The 8th grade students created the following Prezi presentations on France as part of a collaborative
initiative between the French department and ICT. In researching their tours theyu sed Diigo to
bookmark interesting sites. Twitter and Today's Meet were used to share nuggets of information
from the research with the entire 8th grade. Students were given an outline for planning the project
which some work on in Word while others used Google Docs. In French lessons the students created
their "script" in French which was intended to help them with the oral part of the presentation.
They were not allowed to read from the script when presenting however. Prezi was used again
this year to create interesting visual components for the presentation which would illustrate the structure
and ideas of the presentation for the audience.
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Please take a look at our Projects
the links below will take you to our Diigo Groups which contain the initial student research used
in the projects.
The 2011 Projects focus on the crisis in Egypt. Students investigated
one of the main players in the situation and spoke from that person or group's point of view.

Students researched using a Google Custom Search bar, and added their
findings to a collaborative Google Doc. They then created a Voicethread
project and shared it with the others in their group.

The 8th grade students studied rain forests of Brazil, as part of a cross curricular initiative. In ICT they worked on research and presentation skills. Diigo was used to bookmark and annotate resources while, Twitter was used to create a collaborative stream of notes. Prezi was used to construct the presentations.

The links below will take you to our Diigo groups which contain the student presentations and research.

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