Crisis in Egypt

For this project you will research the current crisis in Egypt.
You are to become very familiar with the situation and try to imagine yourself in the position of: Hosni Mubarak, protesters, Egyptian police, Wael Ghonim, Muhamed Elbaradei, The Egyptian army, news reporters and the Egyptian people living in Cairo but not directly involved in the protests. Your job will be to upload a picture of one of these persons and talk about the situation from your point of view using VoiceThread. Others in the class will be expected to respond to your work and you will respond to theirs as well. You will be in groups of three for this section of the project.

1. Choose one of these personalities to focus on and try to work out why they feel and act the way they do.
2. Create a group document in Google Drive, record the names of your group members and put the names of the person they have chosen to represent beside each one.
3. Copy the questions below beneath each one and try to answer the questions throughout your research over the next 3 lessons.

Who is the person you have chosen?
  • What can you find out about their background (social, political, religious, economic, labour/job)?
  • What is this person's stake in this crisis (What do they stand to gain or lose through the outcome? How does it affect them?)
  • How might this person feel about the outcome(what has happened) so far? Why?
  • What message do you think the person you have chosen would like the world to know about the crisis?

You should use the following pathfinder to help you with sources for your research.

Lessons 2 and 3;

You will be working in Diigo for the next two lessons.
For the first lesson please follow the Diigo Online Lesson tutorial, create your account, download the toolbar (firefox) join the group, and begin bookmarking the web resources you plan on using.

Join your group by clicking on the correct widget below.

Use the questions from Lesson 1 to guide your search and note taking.

During the second lesson you will use Diigo sticky notes, the highlighter and comments to record the most important ideas which you can use to put your talk together. Please remember to include pictures as well as text.

Again use the questions from Lesson 1 to guide your search and note taking.

Lessons 4 and 5

During these last two lessons you will work on your group Voicethreads.

The first step is to create an account. Use your ABC account and a nickname. Do not use your real name!

You might choose to upload a picture of your character of choice.


Next you will need to upload 1 or 2 pictures which will be the focus of your discussion.

You can use different sources for your pictures.

Add a title to your picture and paste in its url.

The next step is to share this work with your group. By Sending them an invitation.

Allow them to view, comment and doodle on it.

Next you will record your prepared speech.Picture_17.png

You can also use the doodle option to create arrows, circle items. Remember to be respectful of your subject if you choose to do this.

You can create different identities in Voicethread. Try creating one for the person you are speaking for. Each member of the group can then give their opinions as if they were that person.