Website evaluation

2 lessons

Lesson 1

Questions to Consider - Do you believe everything you come across on the web? Who can write to the web? Can anyone place anything they want there? What are some reasons for writing to the web?

Together: Test your Web Page Evlauation Skills using one of the options given.

Main Lesson
Investigate the Author (the last one may not be working)
Look into Bias

Try some of the other sites on this page


  • When evaluating websites you should ask yourself 6 main questions:
    • Who is the author? Are they experts?
    • Who is the publisher? Are they reputable and trustworthy?
    • Is the site up to date? When was it last updated?
    • Is the information Accurate? Can it be cross referenced on other sites?
    • Who links to and what is linked from the site? Is there link rot, where do the links go and what do those who link to it say?
    • Are there examples of bias? Is it one sided, full of opinions or exclamatory writing?

  • You could try finding out more about the author by clicking on different links on the page and by performing a Whois search. To do this type in whois followed by the name of the person you are searching for or use
  • You can also find out more about a websites history and development by using the Wayback Machine.
  • A pipl search can work well for finding out more about an author.

Discuss your findings did you find examples of bias, were the authors reliable sources?

Lesson 2

Learning Intentions:
To review and evaluate a website.

Intro: Think back to last week's lesson on source and bias. Today we are going to add content and currency. Look at the card provided.
Question to Consider:How can we verify some of the items on the card?

Join the chat room that your teacher created at and add your findings there. You will find your invitation to the room in your school email account.

Record your ideas, findings and concerns about the website as well as suggestions on how to evaluate it. This will be saved in your chat folder.

Discuss with a friend.

Use the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie and/or the Moonbeam Enterprises site and evaluate it using what you learned in the last lesson as well as the guidelines on the card. Record your ideas in pairs today's meet. (You must log in to the url provided by your teacher.)

Referring back to our record on Today's Meet- What are some of the common observations the class made? What are your conclusions?

Look at the Dehydrated Water Site.

Try the 8th grade quiz