Creating Your Video

1. To create your movie start by opening up the program either from the applications folder in the finder or by searching it out through the spotlight.Screen_shot_2010-02-18_at_2.56.17_PM.png OR Screen_shot_2010-02-18_at_2.55.43_PM.png

2. The next step is to create a new project and a new event for your project.

3. Name your project and decide whether or not you want ot use a predetermined theme for it.

Adding Content

Importing Videos

1. Next you will want to import your video files.

2. Drag the video into the editor by first selecting the area you wish to use.The video will appear as in the picture below. Select the entire video or portion or video you would like to work with and drag it into the editor.

Adding Photos

You can make your project even more exciting by adding photos from your iPhoto library, as well as audio from GarageBand or iTunes. Photos can also be dragged from your computer to the time line.

Adding Music

1. You can add music from your iTunes library, garageband

You can also adjust the audio settingson your original movie clips.
You may want to adjust your audio by reducing background noise and equalizing it.
You may also want to create special sound effects with your audio.

Double-click on a clip to bring up the Clip Inspector (make sure you're in the Clip tab).
Click on the Audio Effect button to view your options.

Click Here for other Advanced Audio adjustments

2. It is also possible to add a voice-over. Click on the microphone and choose the clip you want to add your voice-over to.

Adding Text

You can add text before, after, between and on your clips by clicking the Text button and choosing your text style. You can also easily format your text size, colour and font.

Adding Maps and Backgrounds

The map option is a great way of visually showing a start and end location on the globe.

Adding Transitions

Transitions are very useful in joining together edited clips. Yoiu can adjust the lengh of these transitions by clicking on the gear icon or double clicking on the transition itself, and adjusting it.

Splitting and Trimming

You may want to cut and trim certain sections of your video clip, leaving only certain parts of it for the finished project.
By selecting the video you want to keep and choosing trim to selection you can remove unwanted footage. Selecting a portion of video and using split clip allows you to effectively split the clip into to two parts. This means that you can trim off sections that may been somewhere in the middle of the clip and apply effects to only a portion of the original clip.

Fit, Crop and Ken Burns

You can crop, fit add or remove Ken Burns effects, and rotate your clips from the precision editor by clicking on the gear and choosing crop from the drop down menu.

Cropping will zoom the video in on a given area. If you only want to crop a certain portion of it. Split the Clip first and crop that section only.

One very exciting option that the Ken Burns effect enables you to perform is to pan across your video or image.

Video and audio adjustments can be made through this same drop down menu.

Speeding up and Slowing Down

Sometimes a scene can be made more interesting by slowing it down, speeding it up or putting it into reverse. To do this you will need to again use the small gear icon to activate the drop down menu. Choose Clip adjustments.

Advanced Tools

By Clicking on Preferences in the file menu, you can set up iMovie to work with Advanced Tools.




You will be given different options. Try picture in picture option.


To export your video to the computer, choose export using Quicktime from the Share menu. Choose the location on your computer to save the final movie to. You can also upload directly to YouTube using this same menu, if you have a YouTube account.

It is also possible to open up your project in GarageBand and create a sound track for it. This is called scoring.
Please click HERE to access the tutorial on scoring movies in GarageBand.

Green Screens

Have you ever wondered how the news shows get their cool backgrounds to run and change behind the presenters? They use a green screen technique which is easy for you to duplicate using iMovie. The tutorial below is an introduction to this using video and still shots. Please remember that you can also green screen two videos together and achieve some cool effects.