3D Modelling

Project: GO KART

Your goal is to design, print and build a GO KART

Dimensions allowed: 75 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (x,y,z)

Time: It will be developed during 4 lessons.

Materials and resources: cardboard, scissors, precision knife, glue, tape.

Lesson 1:

In this lesson you will have an introduction to the app called 123D MAKE which is useful to design and print your own 3d models just in a few minutes.


a) Watch this video
b) Now, you will discuss with your team the GO KART parts which can be designed with the 123D MAKE app.
c) Get an iPad and start designing your GO KART parts.

Open the 123D MAKE app, and touch CREATE.
Draw the shape that appears in the following example, then click on NEXT
Now you have your first wheel. You may modify it if you want by touching BACK.
When done touch MAKE.
You have to SAVE the project.

You are almost done. Here you have the plans that can be either sent to an email
or printed directly.

Choose EMAIL PDF PLANS and send them to your teacher.

d) Next class you will use the plans, make sure you have sent them to your teacher ! ! !

e) Okay, now check to see if you need more parts to be designed and printed. If so, repeat the procedure and send the plans to your teacher.

f ) Thank you, enjoy life. be kind, be nice to others, and be happy :)

Lesson 2 & 3.

a) If you sent the plans, your teacher will bring them as wll as the materiales/resources for building the GO KART.
b) You have two classes to build the GO KART. Time is running out! ! !

Lesson 4.

a) In this lesson you will show your GO KART to other students, this is your exhibition :)
b) Make a short video of your GO KART and share it with your teacher.
c) Enjoy it :)