Puppet Pals Videos on the iPad

You will be using Puppet Pals on the iPads to create short videos about your time in the Secondary School.

Learning Intentions

During this lesson you will learn how to:
  • download files from DropBox
  • take photos on the iPad
  • create videos using Puppet Pals
  • save videos on the iPad
  • upload videos to Google Drive on the iPad
  • share files in Google Drive on the iPad

Taking Pictures on the iPad

You will each need to take a photograph of your partner on the iPad using the Camera App.
Save these pictures to the camera roll.

Search out and select Camera.

Then select the back facing Camera. Take a picture of your partner and have them take a picture of you too.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 3.25.53 PM.png

Downloading From DropBox

Next you will need to open up DropBox.
Do so by going to DropBox on the iPad and selecting one of the backgrounds your teachers have uploaded for you to use. Do this by tapping and holding the image. Select save to photo library as shown here.

Add the images to your project as characters and as as your backdrop. You will probably want to select the area around your characters carefully to remove the background of the image.
Photo Skitch Document m2.pngPhoto Skitch Document.png

Creating Your Video

Next: Create your video.
In creating your video, you must remember to:
  • not use your names!
  • talk about your time in Secondary so far.
  • remember to move your puppets as they talk.
  • keep your video under 30 seconds.

This is how you use Puppet Pals on the iPad.

Once your video is complete you will save it to the camera roll.

Uploading to Google Drive

Your final step is to upload the video to your Google Drive.

Search out the Google Drive App on the iPad and sign in with your school account.

Watch the video below for instructions on uploading your video to drive and sharing it with your teacher.

Here are the teacher email addresses:

Have Fun!!!