You will be taking a journey over the next few weeks. Along with a partner you will be going back in time, more specifically back through your 6th grade experiences. Your first job is to identify different experiences to share in an ebook. Your second job is to document them with pictures of your own or those that you have found on the various school blogs, websites or picture galleries.

Here are a online blogs and albums to search through:

Once you have gathered your images and ideas (about 30 minutes) you will begin with your eBook.
You will be using Book Creator on the iPads to create your book.

Watch this video below to see how you will do this.
You can also follow this tutorial if you like.

You will work in pairs on your ebook over the next 2-3 lessons.


  1. Use the prompt sheet your teacher has shared with you to reflect on your INDIVIDUL 6th grade experiences.
  2. Share your reflections with your partner.
  3. Begin structuring your ebook using Book Creator.
  4. Look for media you can use to support your ideas.
  5. Write a few sentences on each page.
  6. Try adding colourful shapes as frames for your text and media.
  7. Record a short video for one section of you book.

Extension: Use DoInk Greenscreen app and our green screens in the studio to create a chromakey video.

Once you book is completed, you will need to upload it to the Google classroom Assignment.