Whyville 1 (40 Minutes) 34 kids on the LRC iMacs and Laptops

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The Reef

  1. Go to the Why Reef, put on a scuba outfit and choose either North or South Reef to Explore.
  2. While in the reef click on 5 different species. Open your WhyReef Journal which is kept in your satchel.
  3. Classify each species and take notes on the the following characteristics of each, in your journal.

Type of Organism


Food Source


Special attributes

Social Group Preferences


Whyville 2 (40 Minutes) 34 Kids in Room 47(pc's and laptops)

WhyEat Challenge

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  1. Visit the Nutrition Centre and find out about your avatars current condition.
  2. Take the bus to the WhyEat challenge.
  3. Open up your WhyEat Health Journal and go to the menu planner.
  4. Plan a balanced diet for the day taking into account your current condition.
  5. Visit the WhyEat Fit Zone to get a bit of exercise.

Be sure to check back at your condition either in your WhyEat Health Journal or by visiting the Nutrition Centre. Remember to plan balanced meals and exercise to keep you avatar healthy!

Brainpop (40 minutes) 30 Kids In Art 1 and 2

Brainpop Nutrition and Fitness

Watch the Nutrition Video and fill in the information on the sheet.

Open Book: Test: Take the graded quiz as a class and record your score on the information sheet.


Watch the Fitness Video

Take the Fitness Quiz as a class.

Play the Fitness game.

*Extension: Have them watch their pulse rate prior and after exercises.
(The number of times a person's heart beats in one minute)