7th Grade Poems

7th Grade you will be creating a short poetry anthology using ideas for poems from the sites below.
You should choose two poems each, look at the style and structure and recreate your own poem in a similar style.

Ken Nesbitt
Giggle Poetry
Children's Poetry Archive
Poetry for Kids
Limericks for Kids

Need help thinking up a poem? Use one of these templates.

POEM 2 – Shel Silverstein’s “Arrows”
1. A noun

2. A verb

3. A different noun

4. An adverbial phrase
I 2. a 1._ to the sky.
It hit a 3. 4..
The 3. fell dying to the shore.
I don’t 2._ 1. anymore.
1. A friend’s name

2. Your name

3. A number

4. A noun

5. A different noun
1. and 2.
Had 3._ 4._
And none of them were the same.
And 1._
Had 3._ 5.
And only one 4._ to his name.
Now when 1.___
Met 2.,
They talked of the

Buying and selling of 4..
And 2.
Bought 1. 5.!
Did you ever hear anything

Crazier than that?
Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 1.05.13 PM.png

Rhyming Dictionaries

Rhyme Zone
Kenn Nesbitt's Rhyming Dictionary

Lesson 1

iBooks Author Tutorials

Here are a few useful tutorials on how to use iBooks Author.

First you will need to select a template.

Starting an iBook With Templates

Toolbar Overview

Make yourself familiar with the tool bar. You can also customise the toolbar to include the tools you use most often.

Insert and Modify Text

You will need to add your own text to the ebook as well as images and possibly some widgets. Watch the following video for more help with adding text.

Lesson 2

Table of Contents and Glossary

You will need to make sure your table of contents is set up correctly and that you have added a short glossary to your book. Please watch the following tutorial on how to do this.

In this lesson you must have:
1. A Cover with your author names, publisher and picture
2. A chapter per person with 3 sections and/or pages in each chapter (these can be blank for now)
3. A Table of contents with the right names in it.
4. A bibliography section (with just links for now)

Lesson 3

During this lesson you will write the text for your chapter of the slave diary.

  1. This text should be at least 5 paragraphs wrong, introduce your chapter topic, develop it and conclude it.
  2. You must add a few images either on their own or in a gallery.
  3. You must add some hyperlinks to this written section.
  4. You must add at least 3 glossary terms to this section. Underline these words for now and we will add them to the glossary next lesson.

Insert Hyperlinks

iBooks Author will allow you to add hyperlinks to the text in your ebook. This is similar to adding hyperlinks in other applications and allows you to take readers to external sites, right from the pages of your ebook.

Adding Images

iBooks Author allows you to import png, jpg and gif files. You can also add masks to your images and adjust the Alpha to make certain areas transparent.

Galleries of Photos

By the End of this Lesson you must have added:
  1. Images
  2. Text that you have written

Lesson 4


You may want to embed video, or interactive elements in your ebook. iBooks Author provides users with quite a few great widgets and you
can add others with the html options. Bookry has a nice selection of widgets that are easy to customise and add to any ibook as well. Watch the videos below
for more ideas on how to use Bookry widgets with iBooks Author.

Bookry Widgets

How to add costumise and add Bookry widgets to iBooks Author projects.

Lesson 5

Sharing Your e-Book

Once you have finished your ebook, you will need to share it with others. This can be done in various formats as shown below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.08.19 PM.png

Watch the following video to learn more about sharing ebooks with iBooks.

Be sure to save the urls of the sources you use as you will need them them when creating your bibliography in EasyBib.

You will need to save a copy of your ebook in Student Documents.