Unfortunately, Wikispaces is closing down.

We are busily working on a new, updated version of ABCICT which we have called The ICTree. It is still not complete but you can access our newest resources for 6th-8th grade here.

We will continue adding to the collecting and moving lessons across in the upcoming weeks.

Welcome to ABC ICT

This wiki contains examples of student digital projects from 6th grade on. It is the first of 2 interlinked wikis. If you are looking for ABCICT3 please click on the link in the sidebar. Most of the projects in this wiki have taken place in ICT lessons, often as cross-curricular initiatives, while others are taken from work in other subjects.

This main page also contains links to our online projects, digital resources as well as our online lessons for ICT.

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The ABC Digital Video AwardsScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.47.42 AM.png
ABC LRC Videos
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ABC Web Fluency
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Scratch Galleries
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SketchUp Gallery

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